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Split Testing Down on Netlify website

We have been trying to set up a Split Test but the Netlify site Split Testing section seems to freeze up on load. The issue has been going on around 5 hours as of now. The link takes us to the Split testing but nothing loads. Although all Netlify operations seem to be running and there are no issues present, this feature on the site is not working. Any information on what is going on or when can we expect things to go back to normal?
Thank you!

Netlify site name: “wpweb”

Hi there, @dgozen :wave:

Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the Netlify Forums :netliconfetti:

I have not received other reports of this, and want to look into this further for you. Can you share the steps you took with a copy of the link you followed so that we can replicate the issue? Is this happening on all machines and browsers, or just one?

So we click our wpWeb sites => Then on Split traffic to multiple branches section click start split test => then on Netlify App we never get the split testing section loaded.

We tried on different machines and browsers but always the same result.

Hi, @dgozen. I suspected the issue might be cause there are branches with two dashes in the branch name but I couldn’t trigger the behavior when I tested that. It would really help to be able to login as you and see exactly what you see.

Would you please email support@netlify.com from one of the email address listed here when logged into that team about this?


We cannot see in the web UI exactly what you see unless we log in as one of you. (We can see many things but the split testing page has our visibility more limited than usual.) We need your permission to login as you to see what you see. To get that permission, we can only receive it from the email address we will use for login.

Note: The email address you are using for this forum is not linked to the team that controls the site you mentioned. We cannot use this email address for permission.

Once we can login as a team member of that site, we will be able to see the issue and troubleshoot it. If there are any questions, please let us know.