The domain or one of its subdomains is already managed by Netlify DNS on another team

I’m trying to assign my domain to my app
The previous team has removed the Domain from their team but I’m still unable to add it on my end.

If needed I can verify using the DNS. There does not seem to be a way for me to do it directly.


In all likelihood they have not removed it.

  • Part one is removing a domain from an active site.
  • Part two is removing a domain from Netlify DNS (on the team’s Domains page)

Double check they have done both of these.

If they (say) they have and you are still unable to add the domain you will need to verify the domain as out line in

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I’ve done the steps in the recommendation above.
How do I start the domain verification process?
As per step 3:

  1. In the thread or ticket where we asked for this record, tell us you’ve done it so we know we can move forward

Now you wait.

Once a member of Netlify’s support team sees this thread, they can proceed with the verification process.

Hey there @cedric-verifast , your TXT record does not appear to have propagated:

Can you recheck how you created it and let us know when you see it live?

Alternatively, if your prior team still has access to the account that held the domain, you can always ask them to check the “Domains” tab of their admin. If they see the domain in that section, they need to click into it and select “Delete DNS Zone” alllllll the way at the bottom of the domain’s page!


Based on current NS (plus DNS change history and the fact the site now loads) @charlottechhum I’m thinking @cedric-verifast has moved the domain elsewhere. The record did exist at the time of my last post.

Thanks dig! We’ll see how this carries out :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help.
I ended up moving my app elsewhere.

If I can leave a suggestion, I think it would be nice to have some form of domain provisioning tool that does not require manual ticket creation and staff intervention.

Hi, @cedric-verifast. We do have that functionality already. If a domain is not used on multiple accounts, there is no verification process required. The verification process is only required when two different accounts try to use the same domain.

The issue in this case is that someone else already added that domain to a different account at Netlify in the past. Two different accounts are trying to use the same domain but only one account can do so. Netlify doesn’t know who the true owner of that domain is so a verification process is required to determine which account should have access to the domain.

The verification process is a security requirement in cases where a domain in use on one account is added to a different account. Without the verification process people could take control other people’s domains.

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