The domain I want to register via Netlify is available but already managed by another team (my old account)


I used to work with Netlify a while ago. I had a build-pipeline set up and were using this domain “”. I stopped working on this over about a year ago. Back then I deleted my Netlify account.

I want to continue on this project now and registered with Netlify again. This time around I wanted to register the domain directly with Netlify as well. It tells me that the domain is available but upon purchasing I get an error saying that this domain is “already managed by another team on Netlify”. I assume this links back to my old account? But I have no way of clearing that old configurations up anymore. Could someone help me here please?

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@gasserkl The procedure may be different with the domain registered via Netlify, but normally you must verify domain ownership, see this thread for the details/instructions:

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do anything here without any support from Netlify. I had the domain registered with, but I discontinued my domain-subscription one or two years ago. Back then I also got rid of my old Netlify-account as I did not expect to use it anymore in the future… Well, things change ^^
Anyway, now I don’t have access to the controlpanel of my old account in Netlify, because I guess this is where I’d have to unlink the domain?

Hi, you would still need to reach out to the initial domain servicer you purchased this domain to set a TXT record to verify ownership.

As I doubt that the domain provider would be able to help me in a timely manner, I bought the domain there again for another year and set the DNS record now according to the linked ticket.

Can you confirm that you can move forward with that?

Hi @gasserkl,

Thanks for updating us. I was able to verify the TXT Record, you should now be able to add the domain to your account.

Thanks Melvin!

I got a little further and added the ALIAS DNS record as described in the Docs.

But still, Netlify keeps showing me that it is “Awaiting External DNS” for over two days now.

When I try to “Setup Netlify DNS”, this is how far I get:

Hi @gasserkl,

Thanks for following up.

You’ll want to configure the External DNS configuration like so:

For, create an A Record at your registrar that points to

For the www subdomain, create a CNAME Record at your registrar that points to

Could you give that a try and let us know if you continue to have issues?

So this is my DNS setting right now. Let’s see if that will work :crossed_fingers:

Hi @gasserkl,

Thanks for the update.

I do see that you’ve configured the A Record that points to for

host has address has IPv6 address 2a01:aee0:0:18::11 mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 10

However, I also see that there are some IPv6 records that may be causing the issue. We don’t support IPv6 when using our load balancer IP address. Please remove the AAAA record and then click the Verify DNS configuration button here.

FIY @gasserkl: partial obscuring of DNS records as done in your screenshot does nothing as those records are easily visible using DNS lookup tools (like dig.)

Thanks again Melvin. I deleted all the AAAA records, and I seem to get correctly directed to My subdomain routing from is not (yet) working.

However when I tried to enable SSL I get this one here: is redirecting to (likely because it the primary domain.)

On another note, which you have mentioned above and is the CNAME record value doesn’t appear to exist as all I see is the Netlify 404 page.

Hi @gasserkl,

Thanks for following up. I do see that DNS is configured correctly at this time:

host has address
host mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 10

host is an alias for has address has address has IPv6 address 2600:1f18:16e:df02::64 has IPv6 address 2600:1f18:16e:df00::64

I also see that the SSL Certificate has been provisioned on the site.

As @dig mentioned, visiting the site is going to a Netlify 404 page. I see you’re using Next.js 14.1.4, but it doesn’t look like you’re using the Netlify/Next.js runtime v5. Could you give that a try?


I switched from NextJs to the remix-netlify template. is now working fine I see. and seem to not correctly direct to the app. I’ll check again later.

Thanks for the ongoing support! :+1:

They both return 404 Not Found. Have you assigned the domain to your production site @gasserkl ?


Right :man_facepalming: I forgot to add the domain again after I cleaned up my Netlify sites and re-added the github-repo again. Everything works fine now! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot to the both of you!