Team deletion and Billing

If I delete a team will the billing card also be deleted? I need to close my accounts and team, but I am having a hard time getting concrete information on how to make sure billing stops. I also sent an email to support. Any help is appreciated.


Hi, @robert.broneak. The answer is that the card does remain on file for any unpaid charges. However, if you request for us to do so, our support team can and will delete the card information from our systems.

I’ve also replied to the support ticket. Please feel free to reply to either this forum topic or the support ticket to confirm we should delete the card details and our support team will do so.

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Thanks a lot for the speedy reply! I deleted the team and would really appreciate your team deleting the card and confirming once completed.

Thanks again!

Hi, @robert.broneak. The card information has been deleted from our systems now.

Please reply anytime if there are other questions.