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Tailwindcss Heroicons not showing on my website


My tailwindcss HeroIcons are not working after my deploy to Netlify.com.

Anyone with a similar issue? or maybe a solution.

github: https://github.com/jwmik123/Bugg
link to project: https://lucid-roentgen-d7e090.netlify.app/

The icons should show to the right of “Contact”.


Hi @jwmik123

Can you share the name/URL of you site so others can have a look? Can you share your git repository?

Yes, sorry. I edited the post.

The SVG icons are in the built page. The issue is they are 0px high/wide (I was able to add a width and have them appear.)

I haven’t used HeroIcons so cannot say what is going wrong where, but perhaps this gives you something to work with.

From the looks it also appears you’re using Tailwind CSS. You simply need to add h-5 w-5 (height and width classes) and that would fix it.