Flaticon Icon got changed after deployment in netlify

I am using flaticons ui icon by cdn in my React project, in my localhost all the icons are showing Correctly but after deployed it on netlify all icons got completely changed.

hi there, could you tell us which site this is regarding, and maybe also provide some screenshots comparing what you are seeing locally and on netlify?

Hi, i have attached images below:

site: https://abhimanyusharma.netlify.app/

After deploying on Netlify: On netlify.png - Google Drive

On localhost: On localhost.png - Google Drive

It appears you’ve fixed this because this is what I see:

Earlier it got fixed by changing the node version in the environment variable. Now again facing same issue.

I’m still seeing this on Netlify:

Now icons of PROJECT and CONTACT are missing and in mobile view, the menu bar is not showing it got disabled.

Well, it appears the icons are all appearing again?

Yes, don’t know what’s issue. Its keep disappearing and get automatically fixed within 4-5 days.