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Suspended Team Alert Not Going Away

I have the message “Your team ('s team) has been suspended for non-payment”, but I think it’s referring to an old team that is no longer relevant to me. How can I remove that message?

Hi, @chasdevs, you are correct. It was a team you had been invited to and which is no longer active. We have removed you from that inactive team now and you should no longer see that message.

You might need to reload the current Netlify app in the web browser but that should be all that is required. If you still see the banner after doing that, please let us know.

Hi, can you remove me from inactive team too? I am no longer have to do anything with it and afaik It is inactive for ~1.5 years.

Hi, @flapenguin. Welcome to the Netlify community site and you’ve been removed from that inactive team as well! :+1:

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@luke; Hey I have the same problem… could you remove me from bkatznelson. Thanks

Hi, @snapjay. Done! :smiley:

Hi I have the same problem. But I was in any team. Just one of my site is Suspended. Can someone help me please ?

Hi, @Bapt5. I do see the site in question. Would you like that site deleted from your account? If so, our support team can delete it.

If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Yes I want to delete this site and your support team can do that but I don’t understand why is it suspended??

Your site was a phishing campaign, targeting Microsoft.

no my friend and me just have given ourselves the challenge of reproducing famous sites. Can you delete this site please we don’t need it anymore.