Suspended Account (URGENT)

This account was suspended for no reason “” all my .com domains now are down because they are managed by netlify dns please I can confirm that i own these account and those domains

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Hi, you were sent a verification link. If you didn’t receive it please check your spam folders.

I got this same response after trying to verify several times using my original ID card. Is there anything else that can be done?

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Same is happening to me. Please help me out.
I’m getting the same message when I uploaded the identity proof

Hi @hrs_007 and @Ohjay20 you will need to provide a valid identity document. Please take a look at this documentation from stripe Acceptable verification documents | Stripe Documentation

This is the only mechanism we have available at this time to verify your ID.

They are requiring my PAN card.
Is it necessary to give PAN card.
I’ve already submitted my driving license in today’s morning for verification but they haven’t verified it.
This is very bad, your company is taking ID’s like it’s very loose
Creating a netlify accound will be so difficult, I’ve never thought

Hi, I understand your frustration. These ID documents are required by our third party verification service, Stripe. I can assure you once your ID is verified we do not hold onto this data, it’s just to make sure that you are legitimate.

I’m not familiar with a PAN card but if that’s the only form of verifiable ID eligible for your country than that is what you will have to supply.

Please let me know if you have any questions and when this is done.

@SamO I tried again and I’ve been logged in using email and password but not with github

Please attach a screenshot of the error you are seeing. You can also try signing up with your email but for a pro tier and this will also bypass the ID verification process.

Ma’am Can’t you please do anything else?
Is it so necessary to provide my sensitive info to a third party app?
I really want to use Netlify and I’m a legitimate person.
Please tell any alternative or look in the matter at your backend please.
I request you to solve my issue and unblock my account. :slight_smile:

Hello Sam, I sent a message to the forum stating that I’ve been able to log in using email and password.

I followed the instructions and everything seems to be working well for now. Thank you very much for you time and help.

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Oh perfect! thanks for coming back. (:

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Yes @hrs_007 you can signup for a pro account this is the only way to bypass the ID verification process.

Bro, I got the same message Can you help me out what to do next?

If you have a passport you can verify with it also.
If it’s accepted, go back to netlify login and log in with email and password. You should be signed in that way

What message did you receive? You can signup for a pro account if you’d like and it will bypass the ID verification.