[Support Guide] Reconnecting your repository to your Netlify site

So, someone has suggested that you re-link your repository to your Netlify site? Why might they do that, and how might you do it?

Linking a repository in the first place puts several things in place:

  • configures us to know where your code lives
  • configures your repository to know that we are allowed to pull it (read-only!)
  • and potentially setups up an app (https://github.com/apps/netlify) to facilitate this.

Now, you created this connection - not us - and it is scoped to your permissions, both at Netlify, and at your git provider. Should you be removed from the Netlify team, or from access at your git provider, it is likely that we’ll stop being able to pull or build your site. Fortunately, the usual fix here lines up pretty well with the IT classic line:

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Re-linking a repository isn’t too hard, but you do need to have permission to login to the Netlify UI and work with the site in question, AND you need administrative access to the repository (and perhaps similar access to its owning account/organization, depending on what else is configured already and which provider you use). Once you’ve established that you do have that, here’s how to do it:


  • navigate to site settings page
  • navigate to site’s deploy settings page
  • in the top configuration card (“Continuous deployment”), select “Manage Repository”
  • then select “Link to a different repository”
  • …but actually choose the same one.
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