What does it mean to "re-link" or "reconnect" a site to enable monorepo features?

The blog post announcing monorepo support (and the docs) mention that you have to “relink” or “reconnect” your site if it was setup before October 2019.

What exactly does this mean?

My best guess is that I have to click the build/deploy setting to “Link to a different repository” and then just choose the same repo again. Does that work?

I’m having a bunch of trouble with the monorepo support (and finding the documentation a bit scanty), and I can’t rule out if the problem isn’t the “relinking” step or not unless I know exactly what that means. I even went so far as to connect the netlify site to a different repo temporarily and then back to the monorepo.

I would definitely greatly appreciate some clarification, and I’m guessing maybe the docs could use the clarification as well, because I’m not the only one confused (the blog post has a comment from someone asking the same thing, and someone else just replied with their best guess).

Thanks so much!

Ok, so still no official word from the netlify folks on this, but for anyone else wondering, after a lot of heartache I can now pretty definitively say that the only way to “re-link” or “reconnect” a site and get the new monorepo support is to actually DELETE the site and then RECREATE it entirely.

I tried both hooking it up to the same github repo as it was, and I also tried temporarily setting it to another repo and then linking it back to the original repo. In both cases the monorepo features seemed to have NOT kicked in.

In my case, I didn’t have anything super important production so I just killed the site and re-created it. If you’ve got an important site in production with custom domain etc, I would probably spin up a whole new site and get it dialed in before deleting the old one.

For what it’s worth, I was able to immediately re-claim my old netlify site slug, which I was a bit concerned about. I suppose it’s possible if someone creates a site with that exact slug in the few seconds before deleting and re-assigning, you’re out of luck, but odds of that should be slim.

Netlify folks: please consider documenting this on the blog post and docs site! :pray: It would have saved me a lot of time if this info were up there.

We are working on those docs updates this sprint! Sorry for the trouble and slow responses here.