[Support Guide] Netlify Create Common Troubleshooting Questions

How Do I Find Netlify Create Project ID?

Your project ID can be found in the URL of the visual editor, whether working locally or in a cloud project. It is the sequence of characters following /studio/ in the URL.

Why Isn’t My SSL Certificate Working?

Your site is deployed to Netlify by default — a process managed by Netlify Create.

Netlify uses Let’s Encrypt to issue free SSL certificates for all websites, including those with a custom domain.

You can check out this support guide for tips on troubleshooting your SSL certificate.

Why Isn’t My Site Preview Loading?

There could be a number of reasons why your preview isn’t working properly. The sections below outline the most common solutions.

Restart to Fix Temporary Issues

If the preview was previously working but is experiencing issues, try restarting the server.

In local development, restart your framework server and the stackbit dev server.

In a cloud project, go to settings (cog icon next to site name in top left corner), select the Advanced tab, and click Restart.

Address Unique Configuration Options

Some frameworks require additional configuration options specific to that framework. Read the appropriate framework guide for required configuration for that framework.

Audit Security Headers

Netlify Create attempts to remove headers that block a site from loading in an iframe, which is how the preview is presented in the visual editor.

In some cases, a header may be blocking Netlify Create from loading your site in the preview iframe. Open the console to identify the blocking header and, if possible, adjust. Be sure to only apply changes in development.

Origin Sensitivity

Your development server is accessed through a proxy in our application. Some development server configurations expect a specific origin or have other rules in place that the Netlify Create application is not expecting.

This is typically caught and handled automatically, with the help of the ssgName configuration property.

If you believe this to be the issue, please contact us. We’ll help resolve and put further checks in place to help other users.

Why Won’t My Page Refresh?

What to do if the page doesn’t refresh (or refreshes too many times) when editing content in Netlify Create.

If there are issues with pages reloading when editing content in Netlify Create, this likely involves automatic content reloading.

Page Doesn’t Refresh

When the page doesn’t refresh after making a content change, you’ll want to make sure you’re using automatic content reloading appropriately.

The default behavior for content reloading is handled by the ssgName configuration property. For example, for Next.js, Netlify Create knows how to tap into the SPA router to automatically trigger the page content to refresh.

When a framework isn’t directly supported, you may want to implement the stackbitObjectsChanged event listener to manually trigger content refreshes.

See the automatic content reloading guide for more information.

Components Rendered Twice

If a page is re-rendered multiple times after making a change with Netlify Create, it’s likely that automatic content reloading is working in addition to a mechanism within the framework that is attempting to reload the page.

A related scenario is when a change is made to a field value in the page editor and the preview is updated twice, but the preview still shows the old value on the first re-render.

In this case, it’s best to set customContentReload to true in the Netlify Create configuration file. This tells Netlify Create not to try to reload the page when content changes.

Why Isn’t My Component Editable?

A component is successfully added to your site but it isn’t editable in the visual page editor.

The most common cause for components that aren’t editable is that they were not properly annotated. See the annotations reference for more detailed information on annotating components.

If a component that came with a new Netlify Create starter isn’t working, this is likely a bug. Please contact support.

Why Doesn’t My File Match Any Model?

For local files source, when Netlify Create can not match a file to a model.

To address the following error:

warn: file '...' does not match any model

Or an error like this:

error: Error performing action: updatePage TypeError: Cannot read property 'const' of undefined at getDefaultFieldsFromModel

It’s possible that you are trying to reference a model that does not exist. It may also be that you have created the model file, but not properly configured it.

I’m Having Browser Connectivity Issues

Addressing the “There is no connection to the stackbit dev process” error.

If you encounter the following error:

There is no connection to the stackbit dev process on your machine.
Please check that it is up and running.

Do the following:

  1. Check that stackbit dev is up and running properly.
  2. Verify that your site development server is running and can be accessed directly.
  3. Ensure that you are using Google Chrome as your browser.

There is a known issue when using some browsers for local development. If this does not solve your problem, please contact support.

I’m Having Content Source Connection Errors

Troubleshooting steps when seeing connection errors to content sources.

When you are seeing an issue with content not loading or have received an error about connection issues with the CMS source, there are a few troubleshooting methods you can try.

Environment Variables

When using the contentSources property to configure your content source, you are often required to use environment variables. Check that:

  • The environment variables you’re specifying in the code resolve to the expected value.
  • You’re using all required variables and options for that particular content source.

You can refer to the configuration guide within the appropriate integration section for a reference on how to configure that particular source.

Custom Sources

If using a custom or experimental content source, contact support with details if you are having connection issues.

Application Connections

Working with an external content source requires that you establish an authentication connection to be able to edit content.

You can confirm that the connection is established in your account settings.

Mismatched Users

Some external content providers require that the writable API key match to the user account that is connected via Netlify Create.

If there is a possibility these are mismatched, disconnect and reconnect the account.

How Do I Restart My Development Server?

When your development server gets stuck, you have the option to restart.

Just as when you’re working locally, there are a number of factors that may result in needing to restart your development server.

Netlify Create is smart and picks up many of these scenarios. For example, when you change anything in your package.json file in the code editor, Netlify Create will automatically restart your development server.

If you run into an issue in which the visual editor or your website isn’t behaving as you’d expect, try this series of steps:

  1. Refresh your browser: That’s fast and often resolves minor issues.
  2. Restart the development server: This can be done by opening your project settings, going to the Advanced tab, and scrolling down to Troubleshooting. Choose Restart Preview. This usually takes about as long as it does to boot your local Next.js development server.
  3. Restart container: If you still haven’t cleared the issue. There is a Restart Container button below the Restart Preview button. This restarts the entire editing experience, which usually takes a few minutes to complete.

I Did Not Receive GitHub Repo Transfer Email

After initiating a transfer to your GitHub account, you did not receive an email.

If you chose to transfer the repo to your GitHub account, but did not receive an email, it could be delayed. GitHub is occasionally backed up. Users have reported receiving the notification as much as 15 minutes after receiving the request.

If you’ve waited more than 15 minutes and still don’t see an email, contact support.

My GitHub Transfer Expired

A request to transfer your repo to your GitHub account has a limited lifespan.

Once you receive an email from GitHub to transfer the repo, you have to act quickly.

If the link has expired, we have to resend it manually. Please contact support.