[Support Guide] Minimizing the impact of load balancer downtime

The following guide outlines how to mitigate the impact of a Netlify load balancer experiencing service degradation.

Make sure you are configured to use the latest load balancer IP

Since March 2021, the correct load balancer IP is Previous load balancer IP addresses will eventually be deprecated.

Make sure you only use the load balancer IP for the apex domain

An apex record is the DNS record for the bare domain you own, e.g. my-domain.co.uk or my-site.com - where mydomain is your domain and .co.uk is the top-level-domain.

For any records that are not apex records (such as www.my-domain.co.uk) you should not be using an A record. Instead, you should use a CNAME record. See our docs for more details.

Make sure your bare domain is not the primary domain of the site

If you add a domain without a subdomain to your site, Netlify will automatically handle the www subdomain for it and redirect to a single primary domain. Use the domain settings on your site to ensure that the www. variant is your primary domain so it will be used for serving the actual content.

When the www. variant is configured with a CNAME record and configured to be the primary domain for your site, the load balancer will not be relied upon.

Switch to Netlify DNS

If you’re using Netlify DNS for your domain, your site will never use the load balancer for the apex. Consider using Netlify DNS for our most reliable configuration! See the docs for more details.

Try using CNAME flattening

With some DNS providers, you can use CNAME flattening to avoid using the load balancer. Those providers allow you to use a CNAME record on your apex domain. There is a guide on which providers allow this: [Support Guide] Which are some good DNS providers for ALIAS/ANAME support?

Hand out the non-apex domain to your customers

If you are not able to switch the DNS record on your apex you can give your customers the www. variant of your domain manually to make sure they will get a DNS record that doesn’t point to the load balancer.


In case you didn’t notice at the top of this post, there is a new load balancer IP which will be stable going forward, to which you can change all A records pointing to our service:

As soon as google fixes the old one, it will resume working as well for folks who haven’t or couldn’t change DNS, but if you’ve changed, you will NOT need to change back as we will eventually migrate completely to this new IP.


Should any folks have questions or ongoing issues related to the service degradation on March 25th, 2021, please see this thread. Will we be monitoring this post in order to respond as quickly as we can.

Thank you.

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