IPV6 address for netlify load balancer

I’m trying to set up netlify with domain that is configured through AWS so I can only set A or AAAA records to root domain and can’t use CNAME. I see that I can use for A record, but I have nothing that can be used for AAAA record, so my website becomes ipv4-only for no good reason. Is this kind of information documented somewhere? Can I just use ipv6 address that I get from nslookup [my-site].netlify.com or is that one only dynamic ip address and should not be hard-coded like that?

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For any Forums members who encounter this thread, as of March 25, 2021 we have changed our load balancer to . Should you be following this post for guidance, please use this moving forward. We want to make sure you have the most up to date information! Please see our Docs and our Status Page from March 25th for details.