Are there ipv6 name servers?

I see the 4 ipv4 name servers and have them configured.

Are there ipv6 name servers?

Do you have ipv6 enabled for your site? Does your domain appear on the Netlify Domains page?

You should be able to see the ipv6 DNS info on your Domains page.

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There are no special nameservers for ipv6 records; the ipv4 servers do respond to AAAA requests and return ipv6 addresses.

As @gregraven pointed out, you can further activate ipv6 records for your site if you’d like to in our DNS hosting pages. That is just providing AAAA records, nothing more.

There are no specific ipv6 addresses for the nameservers we provide. You are welcome to use other DNS hosting solutions that are more flexible here; they work fine with our service (using these configuration instructions:

Thanks for the replies. I realize now that I asked the question wrong.

I can see the ipv6 AAAA addresses for my domain. That is working fine.

The ipv4 servers don’t seem to themselves have AAAA records, so will not be found in a “pure” ipv6 look up.

I take it this isn’t supported (yet)?

$ dig -6 @2001:558:feed::1 NS +noall +answer        3600    IN      NS        3600    IN      NS        3600    IN      NS        3600    IN      NS

$ dig -6
dig: couldn't get address for '': not found

yes, that is what I was trying to say, and is expected. I don’t know any system or service that uses a pure ipv6 lookup at present, so that shouldn’t impact availability of your sites.

I don’t know any system or service that uses a pure ipv6 lookup at present

True, @fool, for now it usually only comes up as an “issue” when running compliance checks like these:

(Same goes for DNSSEC, by the way :slight_smile:)

Thanks for the clue! I will be curious to hear if there is ever an ipv6-only user as that would be a larger motivator to change our system’s behavior (which will not be a simple or quick process, but would at least add some weight to the priority of that so-far-not-a-priority, work!)


Did something happen here? Cause it looks good! :slight_smile: