Load Balancer IP changes (?)


a while back, Netlify had a problem with the main load balancer and Apex domains. Load Balancer Service Degradation, March 25, 2021

I was told on Twitter that Netlify would switch to a completely new IP for the Load Balancer. Is the IP still going to change and is there a specific timeline when this would happen?

As an agency, we need to prepare for any DNS changes as we don’t control most of our clients’ DNS records directly.

Thank you in advance and sorry if I have missed an announcement regarding this.

@Maxxxxxxxxxxxx Welcome to the Netlify community.

By any chance, can you take a moment to check the documentation?

Hi @gregraven ,

Unfortunately this issue is not related to the docs and this is not mentioned anywhere in the docs anyway.

I’m concerned because we have DNS records pointing to a (deprecated ?) Load Balancer which might be discontinued in the coming months - at least this is what I was told on Twitter when the previously mentioned incident happened but I’ve not heard any announcements regarding this since.


@Maxxxxxxxxxxxx Weird. When I read the docs, I see a line that says:

Point the record to Netlify’s load balancer IP address:


I don’t think this is a very friendly way to answer a genuine support ticket :smiley:

Even though this is a community forum, our company is a paying customer of Netlify and this kind of of “support” is not helpful at all and is just straight up rude.

@Maxxxxxxxxxxxx I apologize. I’m just a user like you, not a Netlify employee. Typically, paying customers take advantage of the support that comes with the other benefits of the paid tier.

I was trying to help by referring to the section of the docs that deals directly with the issue of the correct IP address of the load balancer. You seemed to be saying that this document had nothing to do with the correct IP address of the load balancer. Thus, I quoted the section I thought was relevant. If it’s not relevant, then I must not understand your question.

The IP address is correct - a while back, Netlify had an incident with their standard load balancer see: https://www.netlify.com/blog/2021/04/02/load-balancer-service-degradation-march-25-2021

A lot of our Agency client DNS records point to the Load Balancer which had issues - We do not have direct control over our client DNS such as Go Daddy etc.

What I’m trying to find out: Is the Old Load Balancer with issues going to be deprecated and replaced with a new one? Since we can’t change our client’s DNS records on a moments notice - this has left me worried whether the old (?) IP is going to change in the future.

Everything is working right now - all I’m trying to do is make sure everything keeps working in the future as well.

I understand that my question might be ambiguous and it might cause confusion - I’m not expecting enterprise support, just a bit of decency. Thanks.

@Maxxxxxxxxxxxx That’s fine, but the new load balancer IP address has been mentioned dozens of times on this forum since the March 25 announcement alerting everyone to start changing over. At that time, the speculation was that the old load balancer IP address should be good for another two months, which is just about now. So yes, the old one is deprecated. Yes, you should have begun the transition already because deprecated assets are untrustworthy.

hi @Maxxxxxxxxxxxx - hi @gregraven,

i appreciate you both discussing this so transparently in public - but, i think now might be a good time to take a breath! @Maxxxxxxxxxxxx - just to confirm, yes, it is a great idea to start changing those load balancer IPs over. I am not sure that we have a specific deprecation date, but the new IP will be valid moving forward so its the right decision anyway to change those IPs.

@Maxxxxxxxxxxxx - if you have further questions, please do pop us a note in the helpdesk, you can email support@netlify.com from the email associated with your paid team, and you can also use the form on netlify.com/support.

Reading over this exchange, I can see how greg could have been interpreted to be short, but he does do a ton of volunteer work in these forums and does have people’s best interests at heart! We do value him a lot around these parts.

Maxx, sorry you felt like you were being disrespected, I am very sure that was nobody’s intention and not the experience we want folks to have.

let’s disengage for the time being - I’m going to close this thread, as i think the core question has been answered. See you again another time!