Sudden 12+ minute spike in build times

Hi there. Our dev team experienced a sudden spike in build times starting May 13, 2022. Gatsby build times were in the 4-5 minute range, and then spiked to 17-20+ minutes thereafter, seemingly randomly. Builds that exceed 20 minutes are now failing due to timing out. Our app name is pegasusntid.

This occurred across multiple branch deploys (which were performing fine), so we have concluded it is likely not something we changed that is causing the issue.

The builds seem to be taking extra long during the actual build command, but only on Netlify’s servers. When running locally, our devs are seeing build times of 153s (2:33 min).

Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Update- Can you increase our build timeout to 30 minutes as a workaround?

hi there justin,

we have upped you to 30 mins so hopefully you can get a build going.

did your content change dramatically? any changes to your dependencies in your package.json?

Not really, our webapp have been continuously been updated and there are no changes since last month in our package.json

Are you talking about the same site that the first post has mentioned?

yes, it is the same site as the first post mentioned

Thank you, I appreciate that. As of Friday our build times are still crazy high (25+ minutes) but we can at least get builds going in the mean time with the new 30 minute limit.

It seems unrelated to anything we’ve added recently. Will keep you posted on build times this week.

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Any update? our build times are still 15 to 30 minutes

Hey all,

We’ve filed this for the engineers to take a look at and explain what could be happening. We’d let you know as things follow.