Builds are still timing out for me and I'm on a paid plan

The builds for a site we are developing are timing out. We have a paid plan, I’ve read in the forums that with a paid plan builds should not time out at 15m

The netlify site is: goofy-saha-47b06d

Please increase our build time so that we can get consistent deploys.

Why are builds significantly faster locally vs on netlify? We are building a Gatsby site pulling from the same source CMS hosted on Pantheon and locally the Gatsby site finishes in about 10 minutes, whereas on Netlify I get build timeouts after 15m?


Done building in 589.415645125 sec


Execution timed out after 15m29.87893088s

The following article will be a good read for you. In short, our build environment won’t be as well-specced as your hardware at home/the office :smile:.

There’s also a lot of ways to improve Gatsby build times at Netlify:

All builds will time out after 15 minutes, unless we change the build time limit. I’ve changed it to 30 minutes for your site; please let me know if this helps!

Can you please increase the build time for this gatsby site to 30 minutes as well?


you got it, @activelamp. you are now at 30 mins.