Subdomain showing "Not Found - Request ID: XX..." when accessing it

I had a branch subdomain which as pointing to my branch ‘admin’ and accessible via ‘’.
Today I deployed a new site to decouple the admin branch subdomain so that I can have the subdomain in a different app.
To point to the new app, I went to the dns page in Netlify and deleted the existing records that existed and added a new admin CNAME to point to my new Netlify app.
After doing this and navigating to my subdomain, I get the message saying Not Found.

I added a new app for staging and did the same steps and staging app is accessible normally. I’m not sure why the step above didn’t work for admin. Could it be because I deleted the records that was probably created by Netlify long time back when I created the sub domain via branch subdomain on the Netlify UI?

Hi @jaxenvisuals

This is not the correct method. You need to add the domain via the custom domains section of the Netlify UI. This process automatically creates the necessary records in Netlify DNS.