DNS not reflecting subdomains

The main site I develop for is hosted with netlify and I had two subdomains that pointed to my own webserver that hosted some content. But to aid in automation, CI, & allow others to contribute I have made two branches on the repo that holds the main site, setup branch deploys, removed the old A & CNAME records from the DNS, triggered builds for them, and then set branch subdomains for them. It took around 24 hours for one of the subdomains to update and direct to the proper place, however days later the other domain is still directing to the old CNAME that has since been removed from the DNS records and does not go to the branch subdomain.

TLDR: Setup two branch subdomains correctly. One works, NPEeditor, but the other does not Status and directs to where the page used to be hosted.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

Edit: Sorry, beat me to the edit :slight_smile:

This is lot to unpack without even a hint about what domains and subdomains might be in play. Can you simplify this and add some information that would allow others to help you?

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As far as I can tell those are both working well now - not sure what was going on yesterday but I just accessed both in a browser without changing anything on our side.

If you don’t see that, could you try from your cellphone or another network to rule out local network trouble?

Based off of what you said, using another browser worked but had to clear the cache on my main browser and mobile device in order for it to work. Thank you for looking into it nevertheless.

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