My branch subdomain points to my primary domain


I have a site that has been working fine for some weeks, I have recently tried to migrate my DNS from GoDaddy to Netlify DNS to benefit from branch deploys.
I know I could have done it keeping goDaddy, but prefer to be 100% on netlify.

The issue is that now my branch subdomains are created but their alias points to the primary domain and I need to go to the deploy preview URL to really see the change and test it.

My netlify site name is:
and my custom domain is

I have migrated all the DNS records into Netlify and waited for 48h, done the DIG and WHOIS and they look fine.

What am I missing?

Ideally I would like to have:, where I want to test a release before going live and integrate it with other staging parts of the webapp.


Hi @mustainer

To clarify, a branch subdomain is only mapped to a branch of the same name (see documentation.) So the deployed branch is called staging?

Once the branch is deployed the subdomain is configured on the custom domains page of the Netlify UI as per this example:

Under you should then see the subdomain with a NETLIFY record e.g.

Are these the steps you have taken/configuration you can see?

Hi @coelmay,

thanks for your answer, yes I think everything is well setup.

My branch is called staging, the branch domain is setup and appears as in your picture.
But when I do a deploy on the branch this is the result:

- Preview url:
- Staging subdomain:

… where I expected the new branch to be available:

I cannot attach media files in an answer, my branch subdomain is registered (similar to your image):

and DNS is pointing to:

TTL. 3600 seconds

You originally mentioned the domain was but now you mention

What I see at is the same as what I see at which appears the same as that seen at

As for this appears the same as what is seen at

My fault, I have now added a (Staging) text to differentiate better, seems to be working fine.

Sorry the inconveniences.

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Glad everything is working now, @mustainer! Thanks for the great explanations, @coelmay :netliconfetti: