Branch subdomain with netlify DNS

I have a site where the domain uses netlify DNS. I have added a branch subdomain. However, it’s been a day and the branch subdomain still isn’t online. (the main part of my site is online, it’s only the subdomain that isn’t working.)

How can I resolve this issue?

Here are my DNS records:

hi there, we’re showing it as configured correctly on our end.

can you verify you are still having problems?

Hi! I tried switching back to not using netlify DNS, but I couldn’t get that to work and assumed that it would be better to use netlify DNS anyway. So I switched back to netlify DNS and am still getting the same issues.

Hi @afortiori, it looks like you don’t have the Netlify DNS servers set so there’s no way for us to debug what the problem is. Can you change to Netlify DNS and let us know so we can take a look and see what’s happening? Thanks.