Subdomain set up in Netlify DNS not completing as expected

Under my account I have two websites.
The master website is (Netlify sitename gallery-gallery).
DNS is set up on Netlify DNS.

Now I have created a second website
I want to add this site as a subdomain to the “master” site’s apex domain.

Following the instructions here I have set up a CNAME record with name top-84-ways and value

This has been more than 24hrs ago.

Now, when I ping to, I do get this:
PING ( 56 data bytes
But when I load in the browser, I get a “Not Found” message.

Going directly to does load the page.

What is missing?

You’d need to apply that hostname to a site. Think of it like this:

DNS record tells the browser who to ask to serve your site (netlify - it is correctly configured in DNS).
But then the browser shows up at our very large apartment building, and says "I want to leave a message for top-84-ways". Our doorman looks it up and says “nobody by that name told us to receive their messages”.

Applying the hostname to a site, here: - will let us know to connect the browser to that specific site.

Yes, that was the missing step :frowning:
Thank you!

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Hi I have the same problem but I don’t understand how to “apply that hostname to a site”?

I have a site using Netlify DNS.
This is using under the hood.
I have a totally different site at
This should be set as from the Netlify DNS.

  • Going to works; no problem
  • Going to works; no problem
  • Going to works; no problem
  • Going to does not work. I have no idea what the problem is?

Leaving the addresses out in the image below, but could you explain what needs to be changed? To be specific NONE of the subdomains in this image work. They are all setup similarly.

Ok the answer is here: Netlify DNS working for Apex but CNAME subdomain returns not found - #7 by hrishikesh

The idea is that I go into the site for and add the custom domain of Then everything works. I wish this was more clear in the documentation.

Hi, @ddamato. This is explained in the Assign a domain to a site section of the custom domain documentation. Quoting that section:

To assign a custom domain or domain alias to a site, go to Site settings › Domain management .

The Custom domains panel lists all the domains linked to your site. By default, the only domain listed is the Netlify subdomain assigned to your site based on the site’s name.

You can change a site’s default Netlify subdomain by selecting the Options button next to the subdomain in the Custom domains panel, then selecting Edit site name in the menu.

To add a custom domain, select Add custom domain at the bottom of the Custom domains panel, and enter your domain name. Select Verify . Your next option depends on whether the domain has been registered.

If you think that could be clearer, what do you think would improve that documentation? Do you think this should be covered somewhere else? If so, where would be better?