Subdomain set up in Netlify DNS not completing as expected

Under my account I have two websites.
The master website is (Netlify sitename gallery-gallery).
DNS is set up on Netlify DNS.

Now I have created a second website
I want to add this site as a subdomain to the “master” site’s apex domain.

Following the instructions here I have set up a CNAME record with name top-84-ways and value

This has been more than 24hrs ago.

Now, when I ping to, I do get this:
PING ( 56 data bytes
But when I load in the browser, I get a “Not Found” message.

Going directly to does load the page.

What is missing?

You’d need to apply that hostname to a site. Think of it like this:

DNS record tells the browser who to ask to serve your site (netlify - it is correctly configured in DNS).
But then the browser shows up at our very large apartment building, and says "I want to leave a message for top-84-ways". Our doorman looks it up and says “nobody by that name told us to receive their messages”.

Applying the hostname to a site, here: - will let us know to connect the browser to that specific site.

Yes, that was the missing step :frowning:
Thank you!

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