How to do I get my free Netlify subdomain to connect via CNAME to my domain?

I have a free account at Netlify.

I have a domain at another provider.

I created a site at Netlify called and want it to appear when on types and so added a CNAME on my site.

Visiting gives an HTTPS error.

How can I connect this CNAME subdomain to my Netlify account without hosting my whole domain at Netlify?

Hey Edward!

You’ll simply need to add the subdomain to this page:

From here, the steps in this guide will help :slight_smile:

Thanks, but when I worked through those steps, the third step wanted me to update the domain servers of my entire site–I have many other sites there–so that they are all pointing to netlify.

It is possible to simply have
point to:
while still having and other sites like continue to point to my present server hosting company, i.e. A2Hosting?

Hey Edward,

There’s a section specific to subdomains in that doc. Yes – you’ll just need a CNAME as you specified :+1:

I did all four of these steps:

  1. Find your DNS provider’s DNS record settings for your apex domain, .
  2. Add a CNAME record with your subdomain, blog , as the host.
  3. Point the record to your Netlify subdomain, .
  4. Save your settings. It may take a full day for the settings to propagate across the global Domain Name System.

And as you can see here:

The CNAME seems to be pointing correctly to, but there is an HTTPS error:


“Websites confirm their identity with certificates. Firefox does not trust this website because the certificate used by the website does not apply to The certificate is only valid for the following names: *,

How do I fix this problem so that I can see my site at

hmm, can you try going through these steps again and seeing if the error persists? sometimes we see that error and it is a momentary glitch that resolves itself after a second attempt.

Ok, I set another site up ( with the domain and it said:

“Another site is already using this domain”

I assume it’s my site, is that right?

hey edward, sorry to be slow in getting back to you. I assume that it is, are you able to delete that record from the other domain?