Subdomain not working

I might be missing something here.

I am following this help article to set up a subdomain to point at a Netlify app. I have a custom domain set up and using Netlify DNS already (has been set up for years). I created a CNAME record for to point at , but even after a weekend of waiting when trying to visit I still see a “Not Found” message on the page.

What am I doing wrong here?

@mikedloss Welcome to the Netlify community.

The issue seems to be that you have another DNS set up in front of Netlify (WP Engine, perhaps?). Perhaps try making this CNAME entry at your primary DNS console.

@gregraven I don’t. The registrar is through NameSilo, and the nameservers are pointing at Netlify’s own nameserver addresses. The only other DNS records I have set up are related to GSuite and a couple records for email specific things.

The site is also just a basic react app placeholder, not using PHP or WPEngine or anything like that.

Hi @mikedloss - This is working well for me, I tested on Firefox and Chrome. Were you able to fix the issue?