Subdomain help and SSL

My scenario is: I have the domain medaica[dot]com managed at Route 53. I have medaica[dot]com pointing to a site currently on Wix. I also have an app on netlify at demo-medaica-com.netlify[dot]app, to which I would like to point demo.medaica[dot]com.

I’ve read the domain related docs but am still a bit confused.

Under “Custom Domains” I have registered, since I think this is necessary to point to my netflify app.

So, for issue 1: I have the “Check DNS configuration” alert, which I think expects me to point the nameservers to netflify. However, I want to keep my DNS management at Route 53. So, I think I’m doing something wrong here.

I have also set up in custom domains, but SSL isn’t working. Is this something I should be handling at Route 53 or is there a something in netlify that I need to configure?

Also, I the previous post I had to replace the dot in my domains with [dot] since I got an error message when trying to post that new users can only post a message fewer than 6 links.

If you want to keep your DNS at Route 53, I think you need to add a subdomain there and just point the subdomain to Netlify. That is, remove the current custom domain from Netlify and add the demo subdomain. Then, in your Route 53 DNS settings, for the hostname demo, add a A record pointing to 104.198. 14.52 and a CNAME record to your Netlify website address. That should do it. However, you might have to manage the SSL yourself in that case.