Subdomain for github pages site not working

I set my domain name servers to point to netlify and published a netlify site which appears on a subdomain as expected. I also see the netlify record in the netlify DNS config

However, when I add a cname record for a github pages project site as it never appears. Using DNS tools it never gets exposed and whe nI browse I just see “not found”

I also used an alias record to see if it will appear on the apex but that has the same problem

Could I be missing something obvious? I assume it can be done as the docs indicate it should work


I am now seeing a system provided NETLIFY type DNS record that I did not create and do not know how it appeared. Could this be stopping my CNAME working properly with HitHub pages?

After much fiddle and then more fiddling it now works.

The mostl likely problem was my not correctly setting the CNAME value in GitHub for the custom pages subdomain.

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thanks for sharing your solution, @slim!

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