Multiple records found for the same subdomain (including system records)

I created a subdomain called, and added a CNAME record and made it point to my Github page (, but there are already multiple system records for the same subdomain pointing to due to which github is saying that DNS in provider’s website is configured to point to A record instead of CNAME record, not sure what to do.

Here is the message I got from github:

The page build completed successfully, but returned the following warning for the master branch:

Your site’s DNS settings are using a custom subdomain,, that’s set up as an A record. We recommend you change this to a CNAME record pointing at For more information, see

Solutions I tried.

Deleted the CNAME record in Netlify DNS Panel, but it didn’t do anything. Any help is appreciated.

typically is going to the A Record and any subdomain is going to be a CNAME record.

Yes, but github says the subdomain is also configured as A Record when, infact, I configured it as a CNAME record.

See Below:

Although I created a new CNAME record for, there seems to be already a system record pointing to present in the DNS panel, which unfortunately I cannot delete. Maybe it is the second one that github is warning about.

Is there any way to delete the second record?

Yup, we have to delete the system NETLIFY records for you, and I was intending to do so for However, seems like you found someone else to remove the record in the meantime, since I can’t see it there anymore in the DNS Zone?

The NETLIFY record behaves like an A record from GitHub’s point of view, so the message is not surprising :slight_smile: