Subdomain Branch deploy not working after outage

Branch deploys with subdomain are not back from today’s outage, we still have a blank page.

Hey there, @silentbob :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out. Hey folks! More analysis completed and status page has been updated to reflect what is currently happening, but here’s the details you need to know:

  • only deploys using scheduled functions should be impacted since 14:18 UTC
  • older deploys using scheduled functions are still working as expected
  • new deploys can be successfully completed in case you remove the scheduled functions (which are a beta feature) from your code
  • team is working on both a fix and an easier way to disable the feature without code changes to make this easier to work around.

I am going to close this thread in order to streamline support communications. You can follow up in the thread I am linking below if you have further questions:

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Heya @silentbob and sorry for the trouble! Let’s dig in.

Could you please link us to the deploy preview that isn’t working so we can look into it further?

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@fool that one:

Thanks! I took a quick look and don’t think this is related to any of our incidents today.

What I notice is that 3 commits ago seems to work: is the deploy-specific URL for Netlify App

I can see that deploy has content.

So my advice to you to debug is to examine what changed between (last correctly building commit) and (first incorrectly building commit).

I did take a look at your deploy logs and don’t see any obviously related errors, but since I can’t see your code, you can hopefully examine and try revert the change and confirm that the new build works as expected in that revert, and if so, you know you’ll need to work on a different change that doesn’t cause the problem.

One thing I did notice while looking at logs, and suggest starting with is to use the current gatsby plugin, if you use gatsby 4: shows our advice on how to accomplish this.

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