Functions list empty for branch deploy when build was cancelled because of no changes

I have this problem with all my sites, but one example is ‘’.

I’m using a monorepo for multiple sites, so I have a custom script to check if there are changes for a particular application or not, to avoid unnecessary builds and deploys, which works fine.

In my netlify.toml I have the following:

  ignore = "node ./scripts/ignore_build.js"

When I do regular reploys, everything works fine, I can see my branch functions and my production functions and check the output logs etc.
But when my build is cancelled, and no new deploy is performed, I am unable to access the currently active deploy functions in my dashboard to check for output. I get the following view:

Showing me “No functions found in staging” while it is most definitely deployed because the functions are still available.

At the moment I work around this issue by redeploying, but this is pretty annoying as it breaks my workflow if I want to check some logs and then have to wait for a full build to run, just to see some output, and this extends to multiple sites so I have had to redeploy 3 or more of my sites just to read the debug output.

I think the filtering of the functions is just wrong in the interface?

That is basically it. Unless the last deploy for a particular context is a successful deploy, the functions for it are not visible. I believe the workaround would be to go to the logs of your function and bookmark the page, so you can directly go there later.

Well, I can’t always keep bookmarking every single succesfull deploy, as I am not always checking my logs…
Any idea if this is going to be resolved in a reasonable timespan?

I don’t know or think so for certain. This has been an issue and as you can see, it’s not fixed so far. It keeps getting dropped in priority against other, more important stuff. I’ll try pinging again.

This should be fixed. Could you check?