No function logs for manually deployed preview

Hi Support-Team,

we have a problem with out background function on our preview deploys.
So we need to check the logs.
But we cannot access the function logs of our manually (netlify deploy) deployed preview.

Deploy logs on gitlab prints:

Deploying to draft URL…

  • Hashing files…
  • Looking for a functions cache…
    :heavy_check_mark: Ignoring functions cache (use without --skip-functions-cache to change)
    :heavy_check_mark: Finished hashing 272 files and 1 functions
    › Warning: Modules with native dependencies
  • pricecrawler-background
    The serverless functions above use Node.js modules with native dependencies, which
    must be installed on a system with the same architecture as the function runtime. A
    mismatch in the system and runtime may lead to errors when invoking your functions.
    To ensure your functions work as expected, we recommend using continuous deployment
    instead of manual deployment.
    For more information, visit Create deploys | Netlify Docs.
  • CDN diffing files…
    :heavy_check_mark: CDN requesting 98 files and 1 functions
  • Uploading 100 files
    :heavy_check_mark: Finished uploading 100 assets
  • Waiting for deploy to go live…
    :heavy_check_mark: Deploy is live!
    Logs: Netlify App
    Website Draft URL:

Where can we the function logs of the preview?


Hi Thorsten,

Welcome back to the forums! To access the function logs of your manually deployed preview on Netlify,
Go to functions > select the function > logs You can scroll through them to the find the info you are looking for.

Thanks for your quick reply.

But unfortunately there is only the function of the prod deployment available.


What if you select the Search field? Do the branches/previews show?

(note: I have none on this site.)

Edit: Have tested this and the answer is no. Deploy previews don’t appear to show here when they are deployed from Netlify CLI. I believe only if the deploy preview is from a PR or branch from git does the ability to view logs for functions exist.