Strato as host, only one netlify dns is registered

Hi I will host my site at netlify, as many other sites I created. But at this time its not working :(.

Only one domain (www.apartment-am-schlossberg) is netlify registered. The other not. I set the name server right and 2 CNAM records

  1. CNAME:
  2. CNAME:

Name server:


every is with .net, as a new user, i can only take 6 links (the fuck?) in this topic.

The error is called: Awaiting External DNS
Can someone help me?

netlify hosted site:


This is a public forum, please mind your language especially for a minor inconvenience as opposed to something catastrophically wrong (I’m talking about the limit of links).

Regarding your issue, your apex domain is not pointing to Netlify:

dig A +short

It should point to: