Storing content in Toml in Netlify CMS

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m running a Hugo website on Netlfiy CMS, using an FAQ theme that stores its content in toml files. (here’s my website )

What I’m trying to achieve is use Netlify CMS to manage those FAQ questions.

I know that I should be adding an extension: "toml" to my config.yml but I’m not sure how to specify the key/value pairs within the toml files.

Here’s the file structure of my FAQ questions and answers:

01-basics.toml this is one FAQ category

id = "basics"
name = "Basics"


question = "How do I change my password?"
answer = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,"


question = "How do I sign up?"
answer = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur "

02-mobile.toml this is another FAQ category

id = "mobile"
name = "Mobile"


question = "How does syncing work?"
answer = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet."


question = "How do I upload files from my phone or tablet?"
answer = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame"


Create a folder collection called faq in your config.yml and point it to the right folder. Like you said, use extension: "toml". Then recreate your collection data using widgets:

  - {name: id, label: ID, widget: string}
  - {name: name, label: Name, widget: string}
  - name: items
    label: Items,
    widget: list,
      - name: question
        label: Question
        widget: string
      - name: answer
        label: Answer
        widget: string