SSL Certificate missing one of the domains, cannot renew/refresh

We have several domains in the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for the site prnsn-site-donateurs.
But one of the branch domain is missing, and activate the ‘Renew Certificate’ button seems to do nothing (several clicks, waited 2 days).

The current certificate is associated with 4 domains:

But on the “Build & Deploy” → “Branches” setting we have “dev, staging” and removed “qa”.

So the qa. domain should be removed and staging. domain should be added.

To be complete on this problem, the ‘staging’ branch had been removed in the past, so on the last certificate generation the staging domain had vanished. But now the branch has been recreated on the git repository.

The certificate renewal is planned in 2 months, I would really like to force a refresh/fix sooner.

Hi @mc_prnsn,

Thanks for reaching out! Welcome to Netlify Support Forums.

We renewed the SSL Certificate to include Let us know if you have any questions.

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