Branch domain added to SSL cert

Hello, we’ve added a new branch domain and the SSL cert doesn’t seem to be updating with with this new sub-domain. We’ve tried renewing the SSL cert but this just seems to renew the existing cert.

The site name is: aci-learning


howdy, what is the subdomain? have you already deployed something there? if yes, we likely need to go pull a lever to extend the SSL to that subdomain.

The missing subdomain is preview - there are currently sub-domains for www and staging and these are in the SSL cert now.

We have deployed something there now yes.

Thanks a bunch for you help!!

ok, so i just need to know which apex domain this is coming under:



Sorry - it’s

we got that taken care of!

Thank you!!

Do you know if this is by any chance on the roadmap to be able to accomplish straight from the Netlify manager at some point?

hi there, we’d love to have this functionality accessible in the UI! Hopefully someday :smiley: