Ssl certificate has been given but still shows not secure

The ssl certificate has been given by lets Encrypt however when I visit the site at it till shows not secure.

help please

It shows valid SSL for me

i used chrome and edge and this is what its showing

even on mobile phones

Here is Opera


And curl

$ curl -svo /dev/null 2>&1 | egrep 'Server certificate' -A6
* Server certificate:
*  subject:
*  start date: Feb 24 17:25:07 2024 GMT
*  expire date: May 24 17:25:06 2024 GMT
*  subjectAltName: host "" matched cert's ""
*  issuer: C=US; O=Let's Encrypt; CN=R3
*  SSL certificate verify ok.

I see no issue. Have you had others around you check with their devices?

WOW please can you check with chrome?

No I cannot, because I don’t use Chrome.

please i have checked with other peoples device but is showing not secure, what can I do

Multiple SSL certificate checkers say there is no issue. Seems like this is an issue with Chrome/Edge and/or your network(s).

so it possible i provide a customer ssl certificate ?

Yes, you can supply a custom certification.