SSL/TLS certificate not working


I have a problem concerning the provision of an SSL/TLS certificate.
The website concerned:
I’m trying to add a custom domain ( & but for a reason, Netlify is not providing the certificate.

Additional informations:

  • It detected that the server names are well configured for Netlify on OVH (“Netlify DNS”).
  • When I reload the page and verify the certificate, it sometimes tells me that everything is good (" DNS verification was successful"). After a next reload, it shows me an error (" We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain.")
  • I did same process for other websites and it’s the only one having problems.

Could you help me please ?

Thank you !

Something weird seems to be happening here. I have raised this to the devs.

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Hi, do you have more information about this problem ? Thanks

Hey there! We’ll reach back out when we get more insight from our dev team. It might take them a little bit of time to dig into this. Thanks so much for your patience!

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Hey, do you know when the problem will be resolved ? It’s impacting my clients visitors :confused:
Thanks !

No updates so far, @ThibautS. We will let you know when we have some updates.

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Alright, after making some more research on that problem, I found that “the domain names listed in it do not match the domain name you requested us to inspect” (

Do you have news from the dev team ? Hope this information will help you/them.

Here is another screen from digicert:

The problem is resolved.

  1. When going on digicert, it said that the certificate was provided by Digicert. My other domains on Netlify had their certificates on “Let’s Encrypt”.
  2. I went to ZeroSSL to have a free 3 months SSL and provide Netlify “my own certificate”.
  3. After adding the ZeroSSL certificate and forcing going on https, I had the possibility to change “back” to a “Let’s Encrypt” certificate.
  4. Now that I have a Let’s Encrypt certification, it seems to work well.

I hope this will help others :slight_smile:

I’m happy to hear your issue was resolved. Thanks for writing back in and sharing this with the community.

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I did the zerosll and my site still says your connection is not privatet when I attempt to go there

@jk939393 which site are you asking about?