Site not using HTTPS despite valid certificate on custom domain


I migrated my site from Gatsby Cloud and managed to get the DNS set up for a custom domain

The SSL certificate is valid as shown in the HTTPS section of the domain management, but the site still shows as not secure in the browser. I need help resolving this, as the documentation is quite weak.

It looks like your SSL certificate just updated to include

It still shows up as not secure in the browser. Everything on the dashboard looks good, but I must be missing something. Is there a DNS setting that I have got wrong, perhaps?

Maybe not. I think there must be a caching issue on the browser I typically use (Brave), because now on Chrome and in Incognito mode it’s showing as secure, so this is resolved.

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Hi @michaelrevans,

Thank you for letting us know it’s resolved. I hope you have a great day!