SSL Cert conflict between Netlify and GitHub Pages

Howdy Netlify Community,

I’ve recently gone through the process of shifting a handful of personal sites and domains over to Netlify and Netlify DNS respectively. Despite the slowness of my .es domain being updated (fault of of the registrar) the whole process was super slick!

Only issue I’ve had is using Netlify DNS with GitHub Pages. I think because I have an apex domain site on Netlify and a subdomain site on GitHub Pages and the two services are both providing SSL certificates. This causes the subdomain sites to load as insecure (see and Is there a way to mute the SSL on certain subdomains? I would move the sites to Netlify, but they are demonstrating the use of GitHub Pages specifically.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks :v:

Affected sites / domains: (, but specifically subdomains and

Since those two hostnames are served by GitHub, that SSL cert needs to be provided by them. No problem having things split the way you do - should keep working here, and work there once you get their side setup with SSL, however that works. Maybe this doc tells?

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Thanks for knowledge on this @fool. You were totally right. Turns out in the switch to Netlify DNS GitHub turned off the “Enforce HTTPS” option, and I needed to wait 24 hours before I could turn it back on. I assumed it was turned off because Netlify was providing the SSL now. I just checked now and I was able to enforce HTTPS again. Thanks a lot!

Anyone else that turns up here wondering why they GitHub Pages site is insecure after switching to Netlify DNS: You need to wait 24 hours and then you’ll be able to check the option “Enforce HTTPS” in the repo settings.

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