Constantly fighting browsers showing site as insecure

My site is My domain name is

Some days my DNS shows as Awaiting External DNS, some days it shows as Netlify DNS, sometimes its switches back and forth while I’m inside my panel. Some days Chrome shows my site as insecure (“your connection is not private”), some days its just fine. Today it won’t load in Chrome at all. I haven’t pushed code in a few weeks. I don’t understand what Netlify really wants me to do. The certs show as enabled and good to go.

Is it my domain registrar ( Super frustrated fighting this “insecure” stuff constantly.

Part of the issue was, I had www.* as the primary domain instead of the redirect domain. I still get reports of the the insecure site from people though. But the Awaiting External DNS has been resolved.

Glad the awaiting external DNS is not happening anymore. Does the insecure thing happen intermittently? Before this was there an SSL cert on your site?

Yes, intermittently. But I’ve never not had the SSL cert. Once I move the DNS to Netlify, the SSL cert is there.