SSL and Private Key


I have a few queries about my SSL certificate.

I am using the Free Tier account, a custom domain along with the automatic SSL.
I am currently trying to setup my backend. Using Linode and trying to setup their load balancer which is called “NodeBalancer” at Linode.

In order to setup HTTPS, I need to provide an SSL certificate and the private key.

My goal is to setup a subdomain https://api… and point it to my backend’s load balancer.

However, I am not sure how to provide the same SSL certificate and the private key that my website uses at Netlify to the LoadBalancer/NodeBalancer at Linode as I did not see an option to export it. Do I need generate a certificate myself and use it instead?

Thank you!
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Netlify’s SSL cannot be exported. You’d have to get a separate SSL certificate for the other server.

Greetings hrishikesh,

The certificate that is enabled automatically on Netlify includes subdomains.
Since my goal is to point my subdomain - https://api… to my Load Balancer in the backend, wouldn’t generating a separate SSL certificate for the backend itself be problematic?

Hi, @bookbookspace. It would not be problematic. An SSL certificate on one system has no impact on an SSL certificate on another system.

You can use certbot and get the SSL certificate directly from Let’s Encrypt if you want to:

Or you can purchase an SSL certificate from a third-party. Either will work. Neither (certbot or a third-party) certificate will interfere with the SSL at Netlify nor will Netlify’s SSL interfere with the third-party certificate.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.