[Netlify Subdomain SSL request]

Hi there,

I host and manage dns for my domain nepodex.com on Netlify. I have a server based api on api.nepodex.com hosted on DigitalOcean. Thus, I wanted to request for SSL certificate for api.nepodex.com.


Hi, @raivatshah, our service only provisions Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates if the custom domain points to a site hosted on our service. Because api.nepodex.com will point to a system we do not control, we won’t be able to provision an SSL certificate for it.

Also, SSL certificates created at Netlify cannot be exported from our systems.

If that custom domain isn’t pointing to Netlify, you will need to purchase or manually provision an SSL certificate for that custom domain. For example, if you do point this custom domain to another system, it is likely possible to run the Let’s Encrypt certbot on that system and provision the SSL certificate that way.

You can do this because you will control that system. We cannot because we don’t control it.

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Thanks so much for the fast response, luke! Understood :slight_smile:

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