Need an SSL certificate for subdomain

Hi there. I’m trying to use a subdomain that will redirect to an ip address of my password manager vault, but it needs a SSL certificate for it to work. Is it possible to get SSL for my address Thank in advance

Hi, @stojshic. Netlify only provides SSL certificates (via Let’s Encrypt) for sites hosted at Netlify. If the site is hosted elsewhere our service won’t automatically generate SSL certificate for it.

The SSL is provided by the web server, not the DNS server. So, if Netlify isn’t the web host for a site, we cannot provide the SSL.

When I want to do this, I personally still use Let’s Encrypt (because they are the only place that I know of to get SSL certificates that doesn’t charge you for them).

I use the Let’s Encrypt certbot command-line tool and the DNS based verification process:

This then downloads the SSL certificate to my local system (not to Netlify) and I can then upload the SSL certificate to the new web server.

Here is a real world example of the command I use (but with the actual domain name changed to

certbot certonly --manual --preferred-challenges dns \
 --debug-challenges -d \* -d \
 --config-dir /Users/username/tmp/certbot/ \
 --work-dir /Users/username/tmp/certbot/ \
 --logs-dir /Users/username/tmp/certbot/

To be clear, I do not control That is a domain specifically designed to be used in examples and that is why I chose it.

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