Speed index google lighthouse

I get these error with google lighthouse since I updated gatby 5.12.6 after publishing and deploying my site. # sleepy-keller-bddb45.netlify.app


Chrome didn’t collect any screenshots during the page load. Please make sure there is content visible on the page, and then try re-running Lighthouse. (NO_SCREENSHOTS)

Where are you seeing that error? You don’t seem to be using Lighthouse integration.

Hi there!
I see the error using lighthouse in chrome with development tools

Kind regards,

Iwan Koenderman

It sounds like a Chrome/Lighthouse/device issue than Netlify then. Lighthouse for your site works on my device.

Yes I already tested the website in webpage test without problem. But I was curious if I am the only one having this problem. And if its somerhing that Netlify changed in the server that causes it. Or if it affects the actual performance rating of my website or that its only the readings that are wrong. But thank you for looking into it. Kind regard Iwan Koenderman