Some of my friends get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED


I can connect to my website : without any problems.
However, some of my friends get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when they try to connect. I’ve read different topics but I couldn’t find any solution.

They don’t use DNS or VPN. We try same browsers, I did my status check when my friends get this error, all the system was looking fine. I don’t really know why they can’t open successfuly.

I haven’t set custom Domain & DNS settings so far. Would it fix the problem maybe?

Thank you.

HI, @hasanmuzak. I cannot say what would fix the problem until I know more about it.

To troubleshoot this, the following information is required:

  • the IP address making the HTTP request
  • the IP address the HTTP request is being made to
  • the complete URL being requested
  • the date, time, and timezone of the request

If you would please send us those details we will be able to troubleshoot this issue. If there are questions about why we need that information or how to gather it, please let us know.

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