"ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR" for only some users. Using Google Domains + Netlify

We have a domain through google domains: pittcs.wiki

The netlify account: https://pittcswiki.netlify.app/

However, some people are not able to access the domain via https://pittcs.wiki or certain links. They get

This site can't provide a secure connection.
pittcs.wiki sent an invalid response


The Netlify domain works fine for them. Navigating to "www.pittcs.wiki " works, but “http://pittcs.wiki” does not work nor does “https://pittcs.wiki” or “https://www.pittcs.wiki

We have pittcs.wiki through Google domains, and set the custom dns server to be the Netlify ones.

Unsure why the domain works for most people, but one or two are not able to connect to it. We set up the DNS and domain about a month and a half ago.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there!

We’re not seeing any reason why your site would fail to load content. Your certificate is in date and has been for some time! I’m seeing no conflicting zones or records here, either.

Is the issue persistent? Have you recently made changes? Are there trends between these users who cannot use the service (common browsers, extensions etc)?

It seems to happen for a few people that have Comcast

oh, that is very frustrating. Have you taken the issue up with their customer support? Are the people who are experiencing this all on the same local network? We haven’t been hearing anything of this being a widespread issue, i’m afraid. (i mean, that is a good thing, but maybe harder to troubleshoot for you.)