Smudge error on repository cloning after removing netlify site

I don’t need my netlify site anymore, so I’ve removed it.
However, when I try to clone my repository, I got the following error in the lfs log:

“git-lfs smudge –
Error downloading object: : Smudge error: Error downloading : batch response: Repository or object not found: https://****
Check that it exists and that you have proper access to it”

Could you help me, please, to remove the relationship between my repository and netlify large media? Or could you give me some peace of advice, how can I do it on my own?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, @aniko.viola, there should be a file named .lfsconfig in the base directory of the repo.

To remove this link between the repo and Large Media, delete this file, commit that change in git and then git push the commit to upstream. This should resolve the issue.

Note, many operating systems hide “dot files”. “Dot files” are files or directories starting with a dot in their name. I point this out because this file may be hidden but still there.

Here is an example from MacOS in repo using Large Media:

$ ls -1

The ls command didn’t print the filename. Now, I’ll add the -A option to the ls command:

$ ls -A1

With that option, ls does show the file.

Again, this file is what says “this repo is using Large Media” and deleting that file should stop the error from occurring.

If deleting it doesn’t resolve this issue, please let us know.