SMTP connection issue on website hosted netlify free account

Hi, I am somewhat newbie and just hosted my site on

I am building a contact form on my site and have troubles forwarding the message on the contact form hosted on (free) netlify to my gmail account.

I do not have my own domain name. I looked at similar issues raised in the past and created an ImprovMX account. But I am not sure what to do next to connect the two together so that I would have my “own domain name?”

Please help.

Hey @nonamenono

If you are using Netlify Forms the messages are processed by Netlify and available in the UI. You can set up email notifications for successful submissions on these forms.

If you don’t want to use Netlify Forms, you would need to have a function process the form and use something like nodemailer to send it to you via email (you could even have a “thank you” message sent to the submitter too) or use a third-party form providers.

ImprovMX allows creating aliases for a custom domain to redirect to a gmail (or other) mail account.

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