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Hi, I have created my website and i have added to the contact form the netlify tags and i am able to receive the emails on netlify. moreover, i have bought a domain name from since i couldnt find it here on netlify because its .eu. So my question is how and where could i host my website and how to receive an email to a business email instead of netlify email page.

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@Hanygaja You’ll have to use an external e-mail service such as Gmail, ImprovMX, ProtonMail, or any of the many other separate e-mail services. Once you set up an account with one of them, that service will provide you with DNS entries that will direct your mail to your account.

More information here:

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Hi, @Hanygaja, @gregraven answered the email question.

Regarding pointing the custom domain to the site at Netlify, there are two ways:

If there are other questions about any of this, please reply anytime.