Site keeps on being taken down even if safe

Hi, my site keeps on getting blocked everywhere, it started with Chrome, I flagged it as safe and they let me keep the site running, then it did the same with Safari, and now with Virgin wifi and Twitter.

I dont understand whats going on. Please sort this issue because I cannot stand it anymore. Its impossible that every time I get this problem.


Hi @Giaco,

Thanks for reaching out! Welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Could you let us know the Netlify site that is having issues? Please provide the URL or the site name (such as Thanks!

Hey Melvin!

the website is

I have checked it against multiple Website verifiers, all telling me its safe. So I dont understand why it keeps on getting taken down!

Please help…


We’ve responded to this in the helpdesk. TL;DR, we cannot do much to help with this.

Hello, can you please at least advise on what company I should get in touch with to sort this problem??
Can you please point me at the right direction to investigate root cause and solve it???